Sunday, January 2, 2011

NIKKI's Bulletin Board

Does it mean you made it when you are on a school bulletin board? If that is the case then NIKKI has made it! We are on a bulletin board at the preschool where we do much of our work. This bulletin board was created by the teaching staff in one of the classes that NIKKI and I like to visit. They are always ready with questions and really love NIKKI. The bulletin board was made for the dedication ceremonies for our new preschool. I am told that all the big shots in the school district were at the dedication and many were observed checking out the NIKKI bulletin board. Here are some pictures of the bulletin board....

This is the entire bulletin board....the rest of the pictures are pieces of it so you can get a closer look.

The big sign says "Meet our favorite classroom visitors". The visitors refer only to me and NIKKI - we are the entire bulletin board!!

I know it is hard to see but the picture in the upper right is NIKKI doing her "leave it" trick...leaving fruit loops on her paws until they tell her it is "Ok" to eat them. The white paper is the questions they asked me on our last visit. I like that the class had the questions prepared ahead of time....3 and 4 year olds need a little extra time to ask good questions.

I love the "We love NIKKI" and the "NIKKI makes us smile" pictures.

I must admit I am humbled by this bulletin board. I cried the first time I saw it. Never did I think that we meant so much to this class. I love what I do with NIKKI and it is obvious that we are loved too. Thank you Mrs. Harding and staff! I am honored.

NIKKI has had a few weeks off. She has enjoyed her Christmas break. My family came for several days around Christmas and NIKKI convinced them all that she does not get any love when they are not around. She insisted on being petted and they all obliged her. She has a way of making everyone feel special.

It is back to school tomorrow. NIKKI has a light week but will get back full swing the following week. I am sure there will be more stories to tell....especially if I can convince my coworkers to blog about their work with NIKKI!
Happy New Year!

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  1. YEAH Nikki and Sharon! You are a powerful source of inspiration and enrichment to these children. It goes far beyond the classroom time you spend with them. Way to Go!